Monday, November 3, 2008

An Overview of Obama's Plans

Sorry I haven't been posting in a long time, but school is INSANE. I may have more time next year, since 2 of my classes are only 1 semester, and therefore will be done by Christmas.


Here's a little note I wrote on Facebook, I figured I should post it here, too.

*sigh* Mark my words, if Obama gets elected, America is going down the toilet.

Let me give a little recap of what he plans to do:

He plans to take away gun rights, so people who legally own guns will be defenseless. Of course, "gangstas" and people like that will still find ways to get guns, and won't care about the legality. So, we will have villains roaming the streets, and no way to defend ourselves.

He plans to take the troops out of Iraq. Now, I'm not exactly "in favor" of war, and I hate how many people have died, but taking the troops out is definitely not the best option. It will show terrorists that we are weak, and is basically a sign of surrender.

He plans to remove funding for defense weapons. So, not only is he letting the terrorists know that they have won, he is giving them a free ticket to come attack us, and create another 9/11.

He plans to raise taxes on hard working citizens, for the benefit of those who are too lazy to work. So the hard-working have to work harder, and the lazy have an excuse to be even more lazy.

He opposes laws against illegal drugs. O_o Doesn't he think drugs are bad? What is up with that?

He plans to give illegal immigrants citizenship, resulting in more poverty, less jobs, and Spanish becoming the second national language. :p

There's more... but I don't have time to go into them all.

Anyway, my point is: Is this the kind of person we want for President? Seriously. Will this help America, or hurt it? The answer is obvious, IMO.

Too bad I'm not old enough to vote...