Monday, May 11, 2009

Even More Wallpapers

Yes, more.

After a bit of Googling, I stumbled upon Wallpaper Abyss, which has tons of awesome wallpapers.
Now my "Awesome Wallpapers" folders has 438 pictures. :p Good thing Windows 7 can do slideshow backgrounds.

So, to save you some time, I've put ALL of my wallpapers into 5 ZIP files.

Download them!
Abstract/Cool Part 1 (126 pictures)
Abstract/Cool Part 2 (136 pictures)
Funny (12 pictures)
Misc. (14 pictures)
Video Games (150 pictures)

BTW sorry if there are any duplicate pictures... It's kind hard to avoid when there are hundreds of pictures to sort through. :p

Disclaimer: I did not create any of these wallpapers, with the exception of the ones I have posted previously. All of the credit goes to the respective owners.

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