Monday, September 24, 2007

Amazing/awesome stuff

I was browsing the internet looking for cool videos, when I came upon this cool blog. It's got some sweet magic explanation videos that I watched. After some of the videos, I ended up clicking some of the related videos, because they looked pretty cool. One video would link to other cool ones, so all day today and yesterday I've been watching awesome videos. Here are some of the really cool ones I found:

Burning Laser
Make a BB Gun
Make a Matchstick Cube
Micro Paper Plane
Fake Blood
Put Out Cigarette w/ Finger
Explode on Contact Bomb
Paper Toy
Change Start Menu Text
Amount of Sugar in Coke
Hiding Files
Make Taper Deck
iPod Hack

Matchstick Gun
Turn a Pencil Into an Emergency Light
Smoke Bomb
Black and White Cube
Night Vision
Floating Beer Bottle
TP Tube Gun

There were a bunch of other cool ones, too, but I can't remember them.

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