Saturday, September 22, 2007

As real as it gets?

Hey, I thought this was pretty funny:

I recently found an old version of Microsoft Flight Simulator; more specifically, one for Windows 95. Here are the system requirements:

Multimedia PC with 486DX/66MHz or higher processor (Pentium recommended); the Windows 95 operating system; 8MB of memory (16 MB recommended); 40MB of available hard disk space; Double-speed CD-ROM drive; Super VGA; 256-color monitor; Microsoft mouse or compatible pointing device (joystick recommended); audio board with speakers or headphone required for audio; video card recommended.

And then, on the front it says: As real as it gets

Wow. As real as it gets, eh? I think this serves as a lesson to you people out there who are impressed with today's video game graphics. ;)

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