Saturday, November 10, 2007

Newest Papercrafts

Here are some of my latest papercrafts:

Super Mario Bros. End (found here), Shadow the Hedgehog (found here)

Rubik's Cube (I don't know where I found it). It actually twists! It just gets stuck a lot.

Paper Boomerang (found here)

Paper calender (found here)

Space Invaders enemies and Galaga sprites (both found here, bottom of page)

Here's my whole collection. I told you the Master Sword would look awesome right there!


Navi said...

Hey, nice collection. My eye is drawn to what's on top, though. *sniff* wish I had a Master Sword...
I do have an elvish blade, though (Arwen's, "Hadhafang" from Lord of the Rings) ;)

Navi said... that an Ent, and a Rohirrim soldier underneath? My best friend used to have a set of LotR toys like that! We all used to help him take them out, and set up movie scenes a long time ago (were we geeks? apparently. Are we still? probably :p ) A better question is why aren't there any LotR papercrafts... I might fix that. Please, nobody jump my idea :D