Tuesday, May 13, 2008


This video has become somewhat controversial; there have been tons of comments on whether it does/does not work. Many people say they tried it and have burnt themselves, but others swear that it works. Just watch for yourself:

How To Make Fire Balls - The best free videos are right here

I made some of these, but what I did was instead of trying them out on my hands, I held them with tongs and felt near it, to see how hot it was. It seemed really hot, so I didn't actually try them out. I thought it was fake, but then I saw more videos (from more reliable sources) that showed them using them. So, assuming it's not fake, here are some tips that people have said:

"The fact is that the ball is hot. The fuel dosn't reach max temp until fully ignited(yellow). The bottom is cooler. If you have thick skin you can hold them longer. Rub ice on your hands for a minute then dry them and then you can hold them for much longer. Plus the vid is in some what slower than reality so it looks even longer." -200sx

"i tested it out, its really really cool !!
but if you hold it too long on one place at your hand, it's getting hot und you must change the place! when i see how long you hold it at one place i think : waahh its hot ;)" -ICE C0LT

Quotes taken from Metacafe.

So, to sum up:
*If you try it, you may get burnt
*Keep the ball(s) moving
*Rub ice on you hands and dry it off before you do it to keep your hands cool.

If anybody gets this to work, send me a video. If I see more people getting it to work, I may try it again.

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