Friday, June 20, 2008

The Lappy

Yeah, so, I got a new laptop! Yay! It's pretty awesome. It's technically not mine, but rather the whole family's but I will be using it the most and, once I go to college, it will be permanently mine. I obviously don't really want to split it with everybody, but my dad payed for it, so it's better than nothing.

Here are some specs if you care:

Dell Ispiron 1420
2Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo
1440 x 900 (widescreen) resolution
Windows Vista Home Premium

So yeah. Before you say "Vista, ugh", let me just say it hasn't really given me many problems. There have been a few compatibility problems, but it's only the occasional image blurriness because of different resolutions for the most part. One thing that was kind of a bummer, the image preview can't play animated GIFs. :p I know it's not that big of a deal, but you'd think they'd figure out how to do that. :D

My biggest complaint about Vista, I think, is that it uses 1GB of RAM automatically. That's just for the cool effects and stuff. So I'm only really left with 2GB of RAM, which still isn't bad.

But anyway, it's pretty cool. I'm still getting used to the way Vista works, for example the file layout and such, but mostly I'm liking it. There haven't been a ton of noticeable changes since XP, (except the obvious graphics upgrade) but most of the time, the changes I do notice are pretty nice.

So... yeah. It's mostly pretty awesome. Ooh!! I just remembered something. I took the default Vista background, played around with it in the GIMP, and came out with 9 new wallpapers! So, now you can download them! (I think you're legally allowed to do that... I don't know what license the original image is released under.) The first one is the original image.

EDIT: I've moved the pictures to a new folder, you can find them all here.

So there you go. I'm currently using Wallpaper4 for my background. Although I really like the default, that it exactly what it is, and EVERYBODY has it. So, I decided I'd be different. :)

EDIT: Okay, I took sooo long for those images to upload on to Photobucket, my other awesome thing got here in the mail. It's a drawing tablet!! So I have essentially turned my laptop into a tablet. So anyway, what I got was a DigiPro 8"x6" tablet. The price? $30 on Woot!. It's really awesome. The funny thing was, the day before Woot! offered it, I was looking at Wacom tablets, because I wanted one. Their cheapest one was $80, and it was really small. It probably didn't have pressure sensitivity, either. :p So now I've got this awesome thing for cheaper than I ever could have found it. :D

So... as a quick test I drew some things in the GIMP. Nothing special, but it's WAAAAAYYYYY better than I could have achieved with a mouse or the touchpad. ;)

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