Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Too Much to Fit in One Title

I bet you're wondering what the title means. Basically, that is the result of me not being creative enough. ^_^

I was going to name it something like "Random Christmas and New Year's Stuff and Some Product Reviews", but that sounds lame and it's really long.


Here's some of the stuff I got for Christmas:

Pirates of the Carribean Trilogy
It came with extra bonus features, because I got all 3.

Pirates (1) Soundtrack
I know it's a little late, but I never "officially" asked for it until now.

2GB Flash Drive
It's really nice; it comes built-in with some software that slightly resembles PortableApps, but with fewer programs. So I got PortableApps in addition to that other software.

MySims (Wii)
This was technically given to my brother, but we both play it. Scroll down for review.

Star Trek: Conquest (Wii)
This was definitely unexpected, considering that I'm not really a Star Trek fan... (It came from my aunt and uncle, who I haven't seen/talked to for like 4 years.) I have yet to play it. From the look of it, it is a turn-based strategy game. As I said, I have yet to play it, so the review should come once I get a chance to do so.

Mario Party 8 (Wii)
Scroll down for review.

Kirby: Squeak Squad (DS)
The only DS game I got this year. Scroll down for review.

Rubik's Twist
Formerly known as Rubik's Snake, it pretty fun to play with.

Rubik's Cube
Yeah, I didn't have a Rubik's Cube before that. After I mixed it up, I tried as hard as I could to fix it, but I eventually resorted to the solution booklet that was included. After that, I memorized how to do it, so now I can solve a Rubik's Cube by myself! I've been timing myself, too. I believe that my best time was 2:33. I know, no where near as good as the world record of (something like) 11 seconds, but whatever.

Nintendo Shirt
You may have seen it; it's the one that says:
Nintendo Rehabilitation Clinic
The first step is admitting you have a problem

There were a few other minor things, (like candy, a headlamp, etc.) but nothing really amazing.

Okay, now the reviews:
Super Mario Galaxy (I didn't get this for Christmas, but I forgot to review it.)
It's really awesome. Many people have said that it is the first worthy successor of Super Mario 64, and in some ways they are right. The plot doesn't make sense until about 1/3 of the way through the game, but then you're like "Oh! Duh!". The music is orchestrated, (and it sounds GREAT,) and the graphics are really nice (the lighting deserves extra recognition). The gameplay is very similar to SM64, except for the gravity changes and stuff. It's really fun though, if you've got a Wii, you won't regret buying it.

Although it at first resembles a kiddyish/anime-ish version of The Sims, it's actually pretty fun. If you've ever played Animal Crossing, it's a lot like that. It's similar to The Sims, except you don't need to worry about money or needs. I bet right now you're thinking "No money or needs? What is the point?". The answer: You come to your town when it is very small and run down, (only like 4 people live there,) and your job is to make it grow. You build furniture and/or houses for people, and by doing this you can get blueprints to build furniture for yourself or to give as a gift. Your goal is to get your town to become a 5-star town, but there's a bunch of other stuff you can do too. You can go fishing, prospecting, (metal detecting), or explore (the more your town grows, the more areas you can access to find new stuff, etc.). The main cool thing is the furniture building, though, because you don't have to follow the blueprint exactly. For example, to build a couch, you could follow the blueprint, you could just put 4 legs and a plank on top, or you could build something amazingly complex and crazy, as long as your Sims have somewhere to sit. The main downside is that it gets somewhat repetitive, and it has a few lag issues. Overall though, its pretty fun.

Mario Party 8
Yeah. They're up to 8 now. It's basically the same as the other games, except the minigames use the Wii remote. The graphics are not amazing (but it does look nice). It is surprisingly lacking in minigames, but the games they do have are better quality than some of the old ones. I expected them to have more, considering that they now had the motion sensitivity to work with, but they are more fun now, so it's partially worth it. One thing that is both good and bad is some of the new board concepts, they only have one or two boards that do the traditional game (be the first to get to the star and buy it for 20 coins. The most stars at the end wins). The rest of the boards have some sort of twist. In one board you must be the first to make it to the end of a path, and have 50 coins to pay for the star. If you don't have enough, you get sent back to the beginning. In another level, you must you items to steal stars from other people. You start out with a set number, and to win you must take all of the stars from one person to eliminate them. When everybody else is eliminated, you win. One of the two really fun stages is Boo's Mansion, you must go through King Boo's Mansion, finding the stars. It is a lot like the traditional boards, except every time you play, the board is different. If you choose a path for the first time, you don't know where it will lead, whether to a trap or a prize. After you or an opponent has been in a room, you can view it on the map. The other fun board is like a city; you have to invest coins in hotels, and if you have the most coins invested in a hotel, you own it and get its star. If the total number of coins invested in a hotel is 20 or more, the hotel becomes a 2-star hotel, and if the total number is 50 or more, it becomes a 3-star. Obviously, if a hotel is a 3-star, you get more stars from it if you are the owner. This map is incredibly fun and strategic, so I'm glad that they added it in. Now where was I before I started talking about the boards... hmm... I forgot. Oh well. Overall, it's pretty fun, (much better in a group than by yourself,) but it's not much better than some of the old ones.

Kirby: Squeak Squad
You probably want me to stop talking by now, right? Yeah, this is a pretty long post... sorry about that. Anyway... it's pretty cool. It's similar to other Kirby games, but you can do some cool stuff with the powers. Contrary to popular belief, you cannot combine all the different powers to create new ones; you can only combine Wheel, Sword, or Bomb with Fire, Ice, or Spark, and that's only once you've reached a certain point in the game. That was somewhat of a disappointment. The graphics are the same as they have been, except with a few new sprites. The coolest thing is that you can collect things. For example, whenevr you find a chest, if you keep it until the end of the level, you can open it. You can get things like spray paint (to change Kirby's color,) music, (like a sound test,) scrolls, (to make your abilities more powerful,) etc. It's a pretty good game, but it's really short. I'm already 100% done with it. It's good for a kirby game, but if you're not a Kirby fan, it's not the best.

Man. I wish I didn't write such long posts.

Oh yeah, I forget to write what we did for the rest of the year. On the 26th, we went to see National Treasure: Book of Secrets, which was pretty good, but a lot of the same stuff from the first one. It is about the same as the first one overall.

Umm... we went to a New Year's eve party at an old friend's house, and I pwned at Super Smash Bros (unless everybody ganged up on me). We also played Apples to Apples, which was hilarious with so many people. I only got one green card though... the card was "Manly" and I played "Rosie O' Donnell"... rofl.

And today, (the 1st,) we went bowling. Apparently, Wii Sports Bowling does not help imporve your real score. My scores were 106 and 89, with bumpers. Don't laugh, I haven't been bowling in like 3 years.

Okay, NOW I'm done.

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